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Asian Association of Applied Psychology Seminar

Dr. Jitendra Mohan, professor emeritus of psychology, Punjab University , Chandigarh, India conducted an experiential workshop for a social networking group in California. This event took place on Tuesday, July 15, 2008, at Turmeric Restaurant, Sunnyvale, California. The program became possible because of sincere efforts of Dr. Harmesh kumar of Therapeutic Residential Services, Inc, and Jatin Kumar of California Homeopathic Clinic (, San Jose, CA

This gathering was well attended by around fifty people. Physicians, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and housewives took part in this workshop.many participants were established businessman.

 In fact, the impact of change has been growing  tremendously on the lifestyle and psychological health of people every where,but much more in the societies and nations which lay more emphasis on success,excellence and cutting edge and sedentary life style.

Stress, a global phenomenon, has been recognized as the stage in which the demand is greater than an individual can manage.there are short-term and longterm effects in terms of physical health, mental health and social problems.

“With life style changes and psychological interventions an individual and a group can develop resources to handle,” professor mohan said.

There is physical, physiological, psychological and behavioral consequences of stress. Individuals are the silent sufferers, irrespective of class, color, gender, age or profession.

Social support is the help, happiness and cooperation one receives from the social network and give it is measurable in terms of quantity, quality, specificity and is an ongoing social process and not a commodity which can be bought off the has to invest in it.

According to Professor Meena Sehgal of Punjab University (India), there are many ways to prevent the stress consequences by selecting right interventions and balanced life style at the earliest. 

Professor Mohan and Professor Sehgal are visiting California to work with Dr.Harmesh Kumar for establishing collaboration and exchange of trainers and psychologists. Professor Mohan is on an academic visit to USA and Canada till September 2008. 
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Prof.Jitendra Mohan  
PRESIDENT: ASIAN ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY C/O Deptt. of Psychology Panjab University Chandigarh-160014 India  
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