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Homeopathy Treatment of Depression

Depression is a health condition that affects our thoughts, moods, behavior and even physical health. Years before, people used to think it was "all in our head" and that if we really tried, we could get rid of it. But doctors now know that depression is not a weakness, and it's not something we can treat on your own. It is a medical condition with set of mental and physical signs and symptoms.

Often a stressful life event triggers depression. Sometimes depression seems to occur with no known cause. Depression is much more than just simple mental condition, since it effects the whole body, life style, environment and social behavior.


Depression may occur once in a person’s life or it may persist  as an ongoing chronic problem, with small or long episodes. This problem is present in people of all races and religions. Females, males, kids, teenagers, our senior citizens, all can have little or more of this condition, yet females are more at risk. Although a lot of Allopathic medicines are in market for this problem, they are associated with known or sometimes unknown side effects. It is true that Homeopathic remedies have solution to this problem.

Symptoms and Signs of Depression.

It is a known fact that Signs and Symptoms of Depression are key factors in finding a right remedy for a person with depression, since Homeopathy is based on personality individualization and holistic approach.

  1. First main thing we see in a person having depression is Loss of interest in the normal daily activities. He or she won’t like to do the things which he used to do. For that effect, he would refrain from going to do groceries or stop going to library or gym.
  2. Second is the depressed mood, which means sad, helpless and hopeless feeling, with or without sulking and crying.
  3. Third main symptoms is sleep disturbance, for he will either have long sleeping hours or no sleep for long hours. Some times a roommate could complaint about his friend playing on computers, all night long. I know people, sleeping for ten to fourteen hours a day.
  4. Fourth symptom of depression is lack of concentration or feeble thinking. People might have trouble doing work, for the reason of lack of concentration. This might effect their work performance and later on they might end up getting poor review, by their managers.
  5. Fifth problem of this situation is overeating and gaining weight. Now, think about a person who is not working, over sleeping and not going to gym, eating junk food outside. This might cause a problem with overweight.
  6. Sixth is the symptom of agitation. That restlessness, agitation, irritability and annoyance is often found in the people suffering from depression.
  7. Seventh symptom is low or lack of self esteem, because these people think that they are not worth any thing, and have feeling of remorse and guild. Often, they will come to you and talk about their problem, for they like some one to feel pity on them and in turn, show some sort of sympathy.
  8. Eighth and last main symptoms is thoughts of suicide or death.Although in recent newspaper articles it is said that SSRI medicines, like Lexapro, Celexa, Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft are blamed for lot of suicides. You can read more about these online at or or

Homeopathic solution to the problem of Depression:

Aurum Metallicum, Cimicifuga, Ignatia Amara and Causticum are some of the remedies, which I have found effective, based on totality of symptoms and general body constitution.

If you want to try a patent remedy, which is a combination of different Homeopathic remedies please try  Psystabil from Pekana. You can visit their website at

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Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a licensed physician or a M.D. This article is for educational purposes and should not be used for any medical advice. Author does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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